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My name's Chris Coghlan and I'm the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for the new Dorking and Horley constituency (formerly Mole Valley).

​​I’m standing to be your next M.P. because, like so many of you, I’ve had enough of the economic and political chaos that years of Conservative rule have left this country in.​I have friends in Dorking who are struggling to feed their kids or pay their bills or, like millions of others across the country, get an appointment with their G.P. Businesses are going bust while the cost of living is skyrocketing. I passionately believe there is a better way.

I love this area. It’s where I grew up, where I live and where my children go to school. But my wife Clara and I worry about our future and the future for our three little girls. Will they find good jobs when they grow up and be able to afford to live around here? Will the NHS still be there to care for them? Will our beautiful local countryside be protected for them and their children? With this government in charge I fear not.

My career has taken me from The City to the British Army fighting ISIS terrorists in the deserts of Iraq. Now I'm campaigning for change. I believe in a liberal economy, personal freedom and social justice. We deserve better than a government whose political and economic choices have caused so much financial and social damage.

For decades this area has sent Conservative MPs to Westminster. It’s almost as if they take your vote for granted. However, recent polling analysis across Surrey shows that many of you are fed-up and want change. One recent YouGov poll put the Libs Dems two percentage points ahead (in Mole Valley, the former constituency before boundary changes from  November 2023).

I promise that if you put your faith in me at the ballot box, I will fight harder than I’ve ever done to give you, and your children, the country and future you all deserve.

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